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Craftworx GCSE & A Level Art & Design in Schools by Tracey Spurgin
Craftworx GCSE & A Level Art & Design in Schools by Tracey Spurgin
Craftworx GCSE & A Level Art & Design in Schools by Tracey Spurgin

PMC for Schools - Design and Technology: GCSE & A Level

Precious Metal Clay or ( PMC) is now on the national curriculum for GCSE and A Level Design & Technology as well as art courses.

Tracey Spurgin is a fully qualified PMC instructor with 13 years teaching experience in both adult and school settings. Currently, Tracey operates her own jewellery school from a studio in East Yorkshire but also travels the country teaching, demonstrating and writing about all things Metal Clay.

Tracey can deliver courses either to teachers who want to learn the skills & processes to roll this out into the curriculum themselves, or will facilitate a class of school students through some project tasks.

What is metal clay?
Metal clay comes in many forms such as brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold. By far the easiest to use is fine silver clay. This metal has been reclaimed from industrial processes such at the film industry and medical supplies. The silver is ground into a fine powder then mixed with an organic binder and water to make a clay-like substance. This can be manipulated in many ways and, at the end of the process, the finished pieces are hallmark-quality silver.

What will you learn?
The options on what you will learn will vary according to time and budget allowed to participate. Opt for a half or full day session.

Typically in a half day session you will make a pendant or pair of earrings

This half day session will take you through all the key basic foundation skills of working with one of the products in the metal clay range.

Included in the half day:-

  • introduce the tools and equipment, what alternatives are suitable
  • preparing and handling the clay
  • making a pendant or earrings using lump clay
  • adding texture and shape
  • creating holes
  • drying times and temperatures
  • refinement methods
  • different firing methods and procedures
  • polishing techniques
  • trouble shooting tips

You will pick up tips on

  • how to reconstitute clay
  • storing the clay
  • reducing wastage

For a full day workshop you can opt to make more complex construction pieces or work with another product in the metal clay range to make a second piece.

These sessions have been carefully time planned with full lesson plans and assessment criteria considered.

Our tutor will guide you step by step through the processes to completion. So you will leave the session with finished fine silver jewellery which you can proudly show off to friends, colleagues and family.

Why choose us?

  • qualified PMC and Art clay instructor
  • 13 years teaching experience in adult and school settings
  • CRB checked
  • all equipment supplied – each student has their own dedicated kit so no waiting time

What do you need to provide?

  • a suitable class room with tables a chairs. A sink would be useful
  • a safe location away from passing human traffic for the kiln
  • not essential - interactive white board – to show pictures and images


"Tracey ran jewellery making courses at the bead shop I owned. She is very professional, personable and a great trainer. All of my customers who went on Tracey's courses were very impressed with the level of skills they learnt on the day. I would definitely recommend Tracey as a jewellery making specialist/trainer." Justine Pickergill, Cheshire, Jan 2012.

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